Which iPhones are getting discontinued this year?

Expected iPhone Lineup (Till Next 2021 iPhone Event)

As we all already know, the iPhone 12 series is inevitably coming. Delayed? Surely. Arrival? Eventually… BUT the lineup will most certainly have to drop out some iPhones because that amount of phones would jeopardize the simplicity that Apple so pleasantly provides. With that said, this article will explain who will we be retiring to OR keep as a friend out of the following:

  • iPhone XR (2018)
  • iPhone 11 (2019)
  • iPhone 11 Pro (2019)
  • iPhone SE (2020)

Let’s “drop” in!

iPhone XR (Oldie But a Goodie)

The iPhone XR which was introduced back in 2018 has stuck around for only two reasons; a “cheap” alternative for those who were on the market for anything to do with the iPhone 11 series, and it did work out with the only big downside of rocking an old chip. However, Apple will not keep it as a budget alternative for their upcoming refreshed flagships. Why? Because that is the definition of the iPhone SE (2020), a budget iPhone. Android companies such as Samsung and Google, have had the upper-hand in many occasions because they produce both low-income group phones and high-income groups. Whereas with Apple, you need to have the extra dough. So, Apple has had to up their game. Actually, “lower” their game!

So, even if they “would” keep the XR, there’s just three complications with that;

  • They’d have to lower the price of the XR because it’s even older now. A $100 drop would result to the price of $500. Then the SE is only $100 cheaper away from the XR. The body of the XR is more modern compared to the iPhone 6 design on the SE. Then go with the XR. But the XR is now two years old and has a two year-old processor whereas only a relative year-old chip on the SE. Then go for the SE. This tampers with the simplicity that Apple provides. The user experience gets “botched-up.”
  • The iPhone XR was released in 2018. 2018! And we’re close to 2021. Going in 2021 with an old phone can give Apple a “old vibe.” New is the best and the best is for you!
  • How would they honestly explain this lineup at the iPhone event?

So, 2020 will be the year that the iPhone XR will indefinitely retire.

iPhone 11 & 11 Pro (Last Year’s Models)

iPhone 11

The following leaked below are the specs that will make the iPhone 12 an upgrade.

  • 5.4" OR 6.1" OLED Display
  • A “Boxy/flat” shape (like the iPad Pro 2018/2020)
  • 5G
  • A14 chip
  • 128 gigabytes of storage
  • $649 or $700
  • New colors?; light blue, violet, and light orange, among other colors.

Everything else is considered to be the same from its predecessor. All of these specs look promising and I’m considering this to be the best iPhone Apple has launched because of these specs all in the price of $650 or $700 (though some may say otherwise). However, if Apple would keep this device, the price would be lowered down. That could become a threat to the iPhone 12 sales because truthfully, the iPhone 11 is still a fast and relevant phone on the market and there are going to be some people that wouldn’t care about the upgrades on the iPhone 12 and completely skip it. Besides, why didn’t they keep the iPhone X when the iPhone 11 arrive? That becomes a completely no no.

iPhone 11 Pro

Currently, the iPhone 12 Pros’ are a mystery because the spontaneous “back-in forth” between many reputable leakers. However, it’s clear that the 12 Pros’ are going “iPad Pro style.”Featuring a Stainless steel “iPad Pro” body, same cameras with a Lidar scanner, and a RAM upgrade to six gigabytes of memory, and obviously 5G and A14 chip. The smaller notch debate is still in session as of right now. The big upgrade in question is the 120 hertz display that many reputable leakers such as Jon Prosser stating this would happen but now its gone dark.

The same concept as above applies here. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are the currently the best iPhones and if Apple gave the opportunity for people to get the one year-old beast at a lower price, well the iPhone 12 Pro sales will most definitely sink. Again, a big no no.

Jon Prosser leaks on his “Front Page Tech: YouTube Channel

Again, I can be totally wrong because Apple has kept past phones on their shelves at a lower price but that ideology is truly shot down this approach.


Simplicity. Something that Apple has and will always achieve with their Apple products. Apple has purposely sold their phones to fewer people to keep things simple. Apple could’ve made over 50 different phones for every single possible price point but they didn’t because they wanted to focus on a few models and really control the end-user experience you can’t do that as well with 50 different phones. Because of this simplicity, Android currently has almost 80% of the smartphone users worldwide. And even though this group of people is on average a lower-income group it’s also a rising income group. To counter this, the iPhone SE ascended. Now, having eight iPhones in the mix, with each able to cannibalizes each others sales, even with one from two years ago, destroys this ideology . End of story.

All in All

To agree or to disagree with me is up to you but where all the facts and quote-and-quote, “Apples Philosophy,” this is where it leads; Retirement for the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11/11 Pro!

About Me; I’m a twelve-year-old funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff.




I’m a fourteen funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!

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Raghav Gopal Bharadwaj

Raghav Gopal Bharadwaj

I’m a fourteen funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!

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