Two-Faced Technology Vol.1
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(Writer’s Note)

Every few chapters that I write on how technology changes the future for the good, I will have volumes of a chapter dedicated to the previous chapters on how the technology can go wrong and become two-faced in alternate realities.)

Karma Points

18 years later, a horrendous cybercrime by a radical hacker organization occurred on the software “Karma” that stole all the information that ‘Karma’ had on the whole world for their devilish means. Along with that, they altered everyone in the whole world’s ‘Karma’ balance ruining the whole system on which the world started relying on a day-to-day basis. With this imbalance in Karma points, essentially the world cannot function as it did before Karma.

Shrinking Problems

Even though Carter was informed of the danger of shrinking the people as it was dangerous for science and it would change the whole world's advancements known to man. However, because ANOTHER criminal and radical group hijack Carter’s mind using cognitive intrusion, “Carter” pushes everything and everyone away as he isn’t in control of himself, and once the deed was done, there was no going back for a long time. With everything spiraling out, people cursed Carter’s name throughout history. Instead of saving humanity, he became the 20th-century comic-book hero that went dark after a tragic accident. (Injustice)

Cognitive Intrusion

Malcolm Murphy and General Eobaord went on to live happy, proud, and righteous because of the success of Cognitive Intrusion. After their deaths and oversight on the breakthrough, everything went mayhem. Spies infiltrated the ranks of the army and immoral organizations were able to steal and replicate the coding and plans of success after hacking their way in the mainframe. The vile organization’s goal was the cliche goal of all the villains in history to “take over the world blah-blah-blah” but after successfully replicating the code, they started kidnapping public figures, honorable officials, and many more and tampered with their whole brain and twisted their identity to identities the world didn’t expect and wasn’t ready for. After all the mayhem, darkness prevailed. With everyone’s identity changed to obey any directive the oppressor gave, there was no chance of resistance for the next 150 years when humankind was able to evolute and break through the changes their minds had undergo.

Mental Constructs

In the dimension where the breakthroughs of Cognitive Intrusion and Mental Constructs were present came the darkness that was born for both. Pairing the process of Cognitive Intrusion with Mental constructs, sinful administrations kidnapped public figures, honorable officials, and many more and essentially paired the worst people in the world’s construct that contained all the information and almost identity they had with the victim’s whole brain and gave life to a copy of the evil that once died. Just when the Earth was ready to never see one kind of evil come back from the dead, the Earth took a blow far worse than it ever did. The innocence the world had was wiped away…forever…

ATP Capitor Converter

In a reality where the safeguards cybernetically and physical weren’t strong to prevent that could prevent hacks or prevent people from replicating or tampering with the coding of the implants people wore, the World wished it did have stronger safeguards. After a hacker group by the name of Fallout easily acquired the information above, they were able to tap into millions of peoples’ implants. They used that power for execution by overloading the little voltage the implants carried and putting the victim in an electric shock and ultimately death.



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Raghav Gopal Bharadwaj

Raghav Gopal Bharadwaj

I’m a fourteen funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!