Two-Faced Technology Combo

(Writer’s Note —

Every few chapters that I write on how technology changes the future for the good, I will have volumes of a chapter dedicated to the previous chapters on how the technology can go wrong and become two-faced in alternate realities. After 2 volumes of destruction throughout the multiple alternative realities, a quote comes to mind, “Bigger is better.” In terms of this, bigger is destructive. Essentially, we will be making combos of the past technological innovations and create something worse.)

Cognitive Intrusion + Mental Constructs + Virtual Reality

In the dimension where the breakthroughs of ‘Cognitive Intrusion’ and ‘Mental Constructs’ were present came the darkness that was born for both. Pairing the process of Cognitive Intrusion with Mental constructs, sinful administrations kidnapped public figures, honorable officials, and many more and essentially paired the worst people in the world’s construct that contained all the information and almost identity they had, pairing it with the victim’s whole brain and gave life to a copy of the evil that once died. Just when the Earth was ready to never see one kind of evil come back from the dead, the Earth took a blow far worse than it ever did. However, there was more darkness to come. Now that it has essentially been proved of life eternal through technology, in the age where simple contact lenses are the incantation to enter virtual reality, comes the price; Anyone entered in the metaverse can now easily lose control and get hijacked in their experience. Their own experience can be altered as the construct could hold their reign in the physical and technological worlds. It clearly became evident that nowhere was safe; The “fake” universes’ pain became real…

Simulation Sorrow (Truth Serum 2.0)

After the rising success of the truth serums and the serum involved in the aptitude tests, the most efficient way to determine one’s place in society, some people took the science of these serums which was supposed to be kept safe-guarded so that someone couldn’t be able to recreate the whole formula structure, failed, to the next sick level. Once the liquid compound is administered into the victim’s body, it induces the illusions of what the victim fears in their mind. Obviously, when we think or are near something we feel insecure around, our heart rate goes through the roof, elevating more and more. If the victims were able to escape the serum’s wrath, then they would leave the facility as someone who is damaged and broken. To say if that is lucky is controversial as they have to live with the experience for their whole lives, many suffered drug overdose if they are exposed to this for a long time.

Metaverse Madness + Simulation Sorrow

In a world where Virtual Reality is as simple as wearing contact lenses to log in to their previous virtual adventure where they can create any fantasy in this malleable reality and even connect to other users and become a totally different persona. They could even theoretically do something and V.R. and be induced with the same feeling in the real world. With lots to do comes a ton of dangers if the responsibilities of the virtual-reality creators go dark/rogue and the addictive temptations of the users. One of the dangers is when the knowledge of V.R. and simulation drugs fall into the wrong hands in the wrong universe.

When sick corporations collect data from virtual reality users about their worst fears and whatnot, they collect it and essentially figure out how to “code” the data into the science behind simulation drugs such as the Truth Serum. With the knowledge on how to induce fear into the victim, the simulation drug is ready for use. As it said about the previous alternative reality, the victim’s survival rate decreases as they are put into a loop of the feeling and visions of their fear which would constantly raise their blood pressure, and the continuous drug use indefinitely ends with a death full of madness and sorrow.

Check out the full series of Cognitive Intrusion (Story) below!

In a flash, a gear starts moving. An idea churned out in his head. What if he could go into someone’s mind?

Could something go right for once?


The year is 2097. Malcolm Murphy is sitting across from General Eobard in his office. His building is surrounded by multiple jeeps all in a camo-like color.

All he hears is, “What’s it going to be Malcolm? Want in or out?”




I’m a fourteen funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!

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Raghav Gopal Bharadwaj

Raghav Gopal Bharadwaj

I’m a fourteen funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!

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