Holo-Messages! (Story)

Frank Dixon was born in 2064 and a middle-class family. He was inspired by gadgets and technology that prompted him to aspire to become an engineer in technology. However, there were a couple of obstacles he had to overcome. Despite his name, he was Asian and with all of the racial discrimination. He wouldn’t get the fair things in life compared to others. This would make his life harder and he’d have to do extra work to get to an equal stage.

With a push from his parents, he did so. He did extra courses to get ahead of people in his classes and even went to a community college. He scored high grades in his classes and did SAT preparations early to get an early head-start. He does community service and makes some money for his college tuition. After he succeeded in SATs, he had enough to wow the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He takes a student loan of 150k and in four years, he gets his degree.

He takes a job at eCorp, a world-famous company and it’s been a year of interning there. So far so great.

In his first year, he makes a friend who is also undergoing her first year at the company and has aphasia disorder, a disorder with the loss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage. She doesn’t suffer brain damage but he isn’t able to speak. She learned sign language and had some help in his school and though he was able to communicate with sign language with her older brother and his parents, the whole world doesn’t know it. This would make her life harder and he’d have to do extra work-life Frank but even more. Nonetheless, he got to a great job and found a great friend.

Frank learns sign-language in hopes of gaining her friendship and is successful.

They both walk to a PassionFruit store and she tells him to wait outside while she goes in. Usually, she would have help and go in but not today.

She ends the conversation with a sigh and goes in. Puzzled, he goes in.

Passion Fruit

She walked up to the nearest Passion-Fruit with Brian. He taps on his shoulder to gain his attention. He looked at him at first questioned as to why I tapped on his shoulder but in the truth that was my only subtle way to get his attention.

“Yes ma’am, what would you like assistance with?” He asked me.

She pulls out a printed sheet of paper that says, “I’d like to buy the PassionFruit Book and I needed assistance on deciding which one.”

As I saw what the paper read, I would personally feel a little hesitant asking this because putting the buyer’s decision in the seller’s hands may not be the smartest decision. After all, the salesman could talk to me about getting their best and most expensive product.

The salesman says, “Ahh. Okay, this way, please. Follow me.”

I follow from a distance as he leads her the way to the table where five PassionFruit books were on display.

“What kind of work would you do on this computer. The ‘Apple’ is best suited to do right for basic tasks.”

I saw as she took out her pen and placed the paper on the table and hastily wrote on the sheet.

He seemed confused as to why she kept writing on the paper and so he replied after reading her response.

“Ma’am, if you could speak up then I’d be able to answer your questions easier.”

She sighed. She quickly wrote, “I can’t use my voice.” I saw his face turn from a confused state to a state of pity but with a feeling of annoyance.

Suddenly I realized the cruel truth of her troubles. I knew about the racial inequality in the world. I faced it myself. But today, without any help, She must’ve felt so weak like I would and the pity and the rudeness shown by the salesman must’ve stung her.

I quickly stepped out of the store so that she wouldn’t see me. I didn’t want her to deal with me too.

We say bye to each other and I go to my loft.

I sit on my leather spinning chair and start thinking, “I’ve done so much to get here. I’ve got the dream job any engineer would want. But I haven’t done much. I need to change the world for the better. I want to make inventions to help people.”

Frank’s guru “Elon Musk ‘’ created the companies Tesla, The Boring Company, and SpaceX and they all did something wonderful. Tesla with its electric cars that prevented climate change growth by a considerable amount. The Boring Company prevented traffic by making roads underground, but SpaceX was the grand one of all. SpaceX is a space transportation services company founded by Elon Musk to reduce space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars. SpaceX and Nasa have both corroborated and Elon has been able to create 2–3 space stations so far.

Idea: People come to inhabit Mars and overpopulation is out of the equation

He needed to think like Musk. He remembered the instance that his friend had to go through. In a flash, his lightbulb turned on and neurons formed the idea that would go down history.

His idea was to put a chip in the user’s cerebral cortex that would be able to read their thought, memory, language and would be linked to an external chip on something like a pair of glasses that could create projection/holograms of words. At first, this felt like a fantasy. But 2 ideas were on his side;

  1. He knew of a private engineering company that was going to start working on the foundation of his idea in five years so all he had to do was collaborate with it.
  2. Elon Musk’s grand plans were considered fantasy at first but he showed the world wrong and made it a reality.

After finalizing his idea, he sketched out the render of his plan. While making it, he spilled his water on the page and he shamed himself but he felt that the first copy was the most important of all.

The only thing standing in his way was money, knowledge, and his own company. He accepts these challenges and so after five painstakingly and hard years, he rises to VP of Engineering of his company, and with enough money and knowledge, he creates his own company and partners up with neurosurgeons and neurosurgeon-researchers, and the world’s top engineers to join his company to work to the day he would come true.

3 years later, his Beta version is released into the world and after getting support, feedback, and optimization, he releases the full version and receives a Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine. Shortly, the chips become the device of their potential and are widely implemented throughout the world.

Mission Successful.




I’m a fourteen funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!

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Raghav Gopal Bharadwaj

Raghav Gopal Bharadwaj

I’m a fourteen funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!

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