Ensuring Success in New Year Resolutions in Just 6 Minutes

Himanshu Bharadwaj — joyful.design
  • Lack of motivation
  • Inefficient planning
  • Accountability, the hardest, in my opinion, because there’s a lack of it.

Here’s how to beat these struggles


It's safe to say that there is/has been a procrastinator in all of us. We all know the little mental tricks we've used to avoid our work. For example, when we sit down, we might glance at the time and notice that it's 3:07 pm. We might try to fool ourselves and decide to start the work at 3:15. But what happens is that we lose track of time, and by the time it's 3:34, we tell ourselves, "You know what, I'm gonna start at 3:45."

Stop, don’t wait for the right time.

This is a classic scenario of the wrestle between motivation and procrastination. The more and more you lose grip on your procrastination behavior, you'll eventually fall, and you won't afford to delay your work on the last month, week, and then minute. So, whenever you realize that your goal and actions don't meet, you have to break the cycle now and do either of the two things; Either make the resolution fit in your grand scheme or commit to something new that will work just right. Otherwise, guilt and low-esteem will start weighing you down.


The most straightforward answer to why it’s challenging to stay true to a resolution is a lack of motivation due to miserable planning.

Our New Years Resolution should be a clear step-by-step plan for each idea.

Joyful Planning

We all are human, and we have all quit something in life because although we strive for the reward, we didn’t enjoy the process, and within time, the plan didn’t motivate us enough to keep ongoing — like New Years Resolution.

You have to feel the joy out of every action you take.

We’ve all felt that when we’re partaking in something that doesn’t please us, we think the time is going slower to spite us. In contrast, when we do something enjoyable, time flies by. This basic philosophy is fundamental in this planning guide because with joy comes motivation. If we can’t feel the excitement and joy within us, there’s a problem, and you need to deal with it now.

When we hear or see people who were able to acheive things such as a New Years Resolution, can’t we feel the happiness and the joy of their great accomplishment? They are the definition of success.

This is why whenever we hear people who completed their resolutions, they did them because they enjoyed them, not just because they desired the reward now but also because they maintained their habit. As Adithya Chakravarthy explained, “…the most important thing to maintaining a habit is getting buy-in from yourself. It’s not enough to enjoy the outcome — you have to enjoy the process, and only then will the outcome follow.”

Live it, Study it, Work it, Enjoy it

Another phrase that comes to mind is, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We should be able to change something rotten and feel its joy!


While writing this, I remembered a character quote from a show that had cheesy yet fitting advice, in my opinion;

Be as mentally flexible as a ballerina.

As my parents say, “This will even be of service to you in general life, beta.”

Accountability (My Spice)

I came up with this component for myself, and I will try to follow its rules because, yes, I am a quitter. As a student, I’ve seen some of my classmates filling out packets of self-reflection on their disruptive behavior. There are questions such as, “Why did you do this” or “How do your actions affect you and the people around you.” And so, I thought that making and executing a resolution is based on self-reflection. Why not add accountability in the mix?

Quick Pros

When carrying out our plans, we have to be our resolution police and read to ourselves the “discipline” rights, so to speak, for accountability because no one else will.

These are the following questions I created if you quit and fall into the A-B-C-D loop;

  • What could've been smoother in the planning?
  • What could you have done better
  • What will you gain from quitting?
  • What will you lose from quitting
  • And to put a bow on it, a short sentence that sums up the above answers as a bit of a message to yourself, "The truth is I am losing/gaining ____ from being a quitter."



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