Cognitive Intrusion- A Medical & Military Success (Story) Part 1

In a flash, a gear starts moving. An idea churned out in his head. What if he could go into someone’s mind?

The story of how technology can be..two-faced.

The year is 2097. Malcolm Murphy is sitting across General Eobard in his office. His building is surrounded by multiple jeeps all in a camo-like color.

All he hears is, “What’s it going to be Malcolm? Want in or out?”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Malcolm Murphy was a simple trauma-work and cognitive-behavioral therapist who grew up in a rich family from England. He kept his mind focused on his studies and always wanted to go into the medical field.

When he was 14, his mother and father took a divorce and the whole debacle saddened him to a point of almost reaching a depression-like stage. The incident that saddened the most when he had to choose who would have child custody of him or what for his younger siblings.

At age 15, he took on a therapist, and the experience of someone listening to him, understanding his situation, and helping him overcome the physiological problem led him to become a therapist.

As a kid, he was always fascinated by the technology around him and of the future. His interest led him to birth an idea that would change therapy forever.

After being a great psychologist in his field, he creates many counselor firms across the country, he becomes one of the riched men in the world just by buying “KittyCoin” and being an experienced investor.

He sits in his office reading over a file of a war veteran. He was a tough case to help because he was stuck in his mind. He would randomly relive a moment in the past and couldn’t get out of it. He was unable to describe the experience either. Cases like him were difficult to help because they weren’t able to open their mind to them.

Now, Malcolm has ambitions. He didn’t just want to be good in his field. He wanted to change it for the better. He is sitting in his chair in his office, staring at his analog clock tick. Tick. He couldn’t get his mind off of the veteran. He asks a rhetorical question to himself, “Now, if he is lost in his mind and can’t open it to me, then how can I open it?”

In a flash, a gear starts moving.

An idea churned out in his head. What if he could go into someone’s mind?

We were already able to map out someone’s brain waves and their blood pressure as “lie detectors” and he has done mindscape therapy where the person talks to the therapist about what they see. For those who are too lost, this could be it.

He immediately called some of the best neurologists in the world to hire so they could help in his mission.

“Yes, I know this may be a long stretch but — ”

Out of the ten, he called, six of them hung up on him saying that idea was “far-fetched” or “preposterous” or “I’m fine.” The remaining four agreed in an instant. That was more than enough to start. He bought out other labs that would further cooperate. He also partnered up with “Holo-Message” because they had the most experience in the field.

After six relentless years of research, failure, pain, and to a point where someone would just quit and go back to their life with no recollection of this

plan, they make a breakthrough.

On their latest prototype, it was able to establish a brain link between two or more subjects using biofeedback headsets that connected each other and. The theory was that when the subjects proceeded to go in the “patients’” subconsciousness, the mindscape would be someplace familiar to the patient. However, the dangerous part was that theoretically if you strayed over an hour in the mindscape, the subjects (the people who are going in the mindscape) would be trapped forever in that person’s mind. He also hadn’t gotten a patent yet.

Malcolm named this process “Cognitive Intrusion.”

They were so close…So the military wanted to give a nudge.

11:24 AM

I hear many jeeps come by the building on the flat when I hear footsteps outside of my office. I look out the window to understand the commotion and I see many people in camo like their vehicles. I see a glimpse of some medals on some of their shirts and I can make out who they were. And I didn’t like it.

I walked up to the door in a haste to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

I wasn’t.

On the intercom buzzer, I heard a deep voice vocalize, “I am General Wayne on behalf of Turnbull country. We’d like to speak with Dr. Murphy.”

I shuddered. I knew this day may come. The infinite possibilities to militarize this technology.

I spoke from the other side. I gulped.

“If your men could stand down and wait outside of my office I’d be happy to chat.”

I saw from the security cameras as the general waved to his soldiers to stand down.

I opened the entrance and I took my guest to the boardroom. It was thankfully vacant because I didn’t want to have an audience.

As he was seated, the interactive board had the following written;



  • Establish a brain link between two or more subjects using biofeedback headsets that connected each other and. The theory was that when the subjects proceeded to go in the “patients’” subconsciousness, the mindscape would be someplace familiar to the patient.
  • Willing patients/subjects?
  • Safe?

I quickly turned off the screen hoping he hadn’t seen anything. When we sat, there was a period of awkward silence. He was the first one to speak.

“Dr. Murphy, I’ve heard you done well in your field and I’ve come to know that you have started research on cognitive intrusion.”

I was in shock. I named our research. That meant someone has been conspiring with the military. Who could it be? I had to stop myself because I had to take care of one problem at a time.

I responded, “Yes sir for the past six years and we’re still in the research phase. Is there anything you need to know?” I had to be polite or things could end differently.

“I’ve come to know that you’re pretty close to completing your prototype. Is that right?”

I had to remain confident and try to not give away my true feelings or secrets from my body language.

“That is true. General?”


“General Eobard, if you don’t mind me asking how much and how you know what we’re doing here and what is it to your interest.”

I straightened my posture and wished for a water bottle to calm myself and hide my expression.

“We know that this can do great things serving and protecting our country. We also know that we can help you complete this successfully on some terms and you haven’t gotten a patent yet.”

I started to feel uneasy or nauseous some might say.

“How so?”

“We know you’re having a hard time with the next phase; finding volunteers to test it. If you sell your research to us, after some negotiation, we can put you at a profit of 250 million for starters. No patents. The other option is that we partner up together and we bring this to the next level. You could use it to change the medical field — We can use it to safeguard Turnbull — And we would be able to fully fund it. Malcolm, this is the future. The door is locked, we are the key if you allow us.”

Startled, I stared at the general, contemplating. This was a major decision and I already knew I was going to just sell my life’s work for some price tag. So that left me to the next thing…or was it.

I knew that this would be militarized but I didn’t expect them to jump this quickly. However, they still said that they would be able to help me in the medical field where I could do good. Oh god, this was deep.

“All that sounds great but can you cut to the part where you tell me about the volunteers.”

I suddenly felt so confident. Maybe because I had false hope that I was in control of the next direction.

“Prisoners of war. Terrorists who have threatened National Security. They’re going to be stuck incarcerated — They could do something good to pass the time. Plus we’d gain intel for the future if they know others.”

I shuddered. So it came to use people. But then again they would be the worst of the worst. It felt inhumane — But it was the only way now. Maybe by using the military, I could achieve the same gains. Just for the testing phase and then I’ll call it off and get the patent. The reason I hadn’t got the patent was that I didn’t want to reveal much about this project (apparently that ship had flown) so events like this wouldn’t happen.

“Okay. We will proceed with you on our terms though. I hope I’ve made that clear.”

“That’s fantastic. We thank you for your cooperation and business. We will be in touch.”

We shook hands. I still didn’t like this. Now to break it to the board members which will cause a riot. I sighed. At this point, I think I can endure anything.

To be continued…

I’m a twelve-year-old funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!

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