A.T.P Capacitor Converter (Story)

Damian Dox, a smart, intelligent biotechnology engineer from Trivago is the man to thank for this innovation.


The year is 2117. He’s anxiously waiting. Waiting on a discovery. The discovery of a lifetime. Or saving one. He’s staring at a computer screen. Waiting. The screen isn’t giving clarity yet. Fingers crossed. Every second goes by means of every second of unstable emotions going through Dr. Dox’s mind. As he prays for hope to make sure that this contraption works, he says to himself, “My life’s work will be able to protect’s the parent’s treasures.”

Dr. Damian Dox the smart, intelligent biotechnology engineer from Trivago, the man to thank for this innovation grew up in your normal middle-class house until debts started piling up for his parents. He and his two-years older brother along with his single mother would have to change their lifestyle and lead a lower life. At first, he would hate and spit on the idea of saving money as a brat but when his mother taught him the lesson on making the best with what you have and evaluating his wants and need, it became the lesson he never forgets, and that changed his life. While his compatriots would waste hours hooked in VR, Damian spent his time with his family and hitting the books. He found biology particularly fascinating and interesting because it was the beginning of the age of cybernetic implants and he could never get too much knowledge in that field. Once he got the motivation of becoming better and better from his mother and brother, he started dreaming the Elon Musk dreams; the best bigger, and most fulfilling dreams. He would use the low allowance money he’d get to start investing in the major companies like ‘ColouanCells.’

After graduating from college with PHDs/majors from both courses, he focused on expanding his knowledge more in both fields, and after that phase, he has started his own biotech company, and thanks to his years of studying the stock market, he grew his money exponentially and by the time he became Costco’s fourth richest man, he devoted his time to his family; his wife and daughter and son. 13 years pass as Damian has settled down with his family and everything feels great. Except for the void in Damian. Even though he became successful, he didn’t change or improve the world. That slowly by slowly starts eating him. But he didn’t know what to do until tragedy hit his family.

Getting famous over the internet as the “Top Three Richest Men” was the cause of the tragedy.

3 years earlier

A criminal makes a plan to kidnap his son to extort him for a billion dollars. Not a second went by of him and his wife along with his daughter sobbing and praying that nothing would happen to him. The worst thing was when his daughter screamed and cried, “Please save him!” It shot an arrow in Damian’s heart, piercing it.

When they reported it to the police and during the investigation, he tried to track his son using the tracking implant he put in his son’s arm. However, the end result left Damian shaken because the implant wasn’t coming up. It had lost power. As of right now, bio-implants are in the experimenting phase because once put in the body, it has to recharge again. There wasn’t a solution for this issue.

After three days of negotiating and accepting the terms of the kidnapper, he arranged a trade of $1 billion dollars for his son. After successfully getting his son back, his son was able to identify who the criminal was and in two weeks’ time, they caught the man.

When he got his son back, he and the rest of his family were relieved and upped their security. His son started getting nightmares of his traumatic experience and every night Damian allows his son to sleep beside him to show that he is there for his son. As his son was sleeping in Damian’s lap, he started caressing his son’s hair. He never wanted to lose it again.

He remembered a certain promise he made to himself 18 years earlier. He was fascinated by the start of research into implants. That’s why he got into the field. And all he did was sit on his chair and do nothing to help improve it.

“Not anymore,” he whispered to himself. “Not anymore.”

Throughout the few weeks, he steers his company’s direction into biotech implants. But they needed a plan. How would they charge the implant in the body itself safely without putting the user in an electric shock which could potentially result in death?

It is said that great ideas can come at the most unexpected moments. This was when he was using the loo and he used that time to contemplate. In an instant; the birth of the gamechanger of biotechnology. The idea that came to him was, “To charge the implant internally is to use the body’s internal elements. Plant and animals convert absorbed nutrients into the most readily available form of biochemical energy in cells — Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Ion transporter proteins in the cell membranes hydrolyze ATP and use the energy from the reaction for ion transport across cell membranes. Humans use ATP to create electrical impulses all the time. The ATP is used to create an electrochemical potential across a membrane. Now, what if we could harness the energy to safe electrical energy and use this to power the implant. It would be safe and would solve the whole recharging issue.”

He quickly cleaned himself up and ran. After all, he had major work to do!

I’m a twelve-year-old funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!

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