I’m a twelve-year-old funny weird geek who’s passionate about life, electronics, and other stuff. I am a writer for The Startup as well!

…Did Apple create its own iPad Pro killer?

iPad Pro (2020) vs. iPad Air

Apple’s “Time Flies”event just wrapped up and though there wasn’t an abundance of hardware showcased, leaving many disappointed, there is something big to take notice of. Out of all the products we got a look at the event, the product that got the most exciting hype around is the brand…

“How the turn-tables have…I need help.”

“Yeah, can you send another bus to ‘Bus-stop 4587?’ I can change my mode to the Interesting Company’s below-ground travel if that will help,” I plead. The one day life seems to go well has to end; My medical professors were finally happy with me after I had to do countless more extra work to prove myself to them as a “variant” to them. And while I was helping an elderly roll their electro-chair through the road as it was losing power, I was too late to the stop.

“Sir, the bus will not be able to come back to your location. Good day.” She exclaimed with huff and puff of anger, I already knew I was somewhat in the wrong but what did she gain by taking her anger of life on me. …

Inspired by the leading and failing creators from my fantasy series of future technological marvels!



Keshav, the renowned inventor of the world-changer service, ‘Karma Points,’ has a tip to share. The would-be inventors of today have a troubling experience of charging the bulb of innovation. They find it difficult to come up with game-changing ideas and unfortunately for them, the world is sadly trading this…

Doctor Marvel

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